Glimpses of our Universe, by Douglas Furton, is a collection of 50 short essays/articles about backyard astronomy and interesting tidbits of our Universe.  Each chapter stands on its own telling a little  story about something you could see in the sky or figure out about our Universe by looking with your own two eyes. The articles are stitched together following common themes to build up a curious, delightfully illustrated 202-page book, that can teach you a lot but that you don’t have to read in one sitting.

The chapters are written in a casual, colorful style and encourage the reader to look for things in the sky and to interpret their own observations.  Each article is illustrated with an original, thought-provoking ink-on-paper illustration.

Finding Your Bearings

Glimpses of the Universe is not a textbook of knowledge nor is it a lab manual of experiments. Glimpses of the Universe is a curious little book about backyard astronomy and interesting tidbits of our Universe.

The best way to sample the flavor of the book is to look at the table of contents and read a sample article or two.

Or look at these PDF page images.

And here are some astronomy-related extras you might like. These extras are not in Glimpses.

Glimpses of the Universe (ISBN:978-0-615-71138-6) is presently available at several retail locations in Grand Haven, and on Amazon.com.

But you can also order a copy of the book for $15 (including tax and shipping) by sending an email to Doug Furton at glimpses@grand-sky.net with your name, email address, and shipping address. You can pay by check or paypal (to glimpses@grand-sky.net).

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And, in the spirit of full disclosure, if a list of errors that are known to blemish the printed volume is interesting to you, look at the Full Disclosure page.

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